James McGill

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Montréal, Quebec
Registration of Arms
December 15, 2020
Vol. VII, p. 309

Arms of James McGill
Arms of James McGill
Arms of James McGill

Arms of James McGill


Argent three martlets, on a chief dancetty Gules a crescent Ermine between two ancient crowns Argent;


The Canadian Heraldic Authority does not have confirmed symbolism for this emblem. The following comments are hypotheses only. The three martlets and the combination of red and white are often found in Scottish McGill coats of arms. The crescent possibly alludes to a gorget, which Mr. McGill would have worn as part of the uniform of a senior officer in the Montréal Militia. The ermine refers to his occupation as a fur trader. The crowns and indented line might allude to Mount Royal, the location of McGill University, of which Mr. McGill was the benefactor.



A martlet supporting an open book palewise in profile proper bound and edged Gules;


The martlet alludes to those in the Arms, and the book indicates that Mr. McGill endowed a university.





This Latin phrase means “I will put my trust in the Lord.” It is a variation of the phrase In Domino confido, used by other McGill armigers and by McGill University.



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The announcement of the letters patent was made on March 27, 2021 in Volume 155, page 1320 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent registering the heraldic emblems of James McGill

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Court of the Lord Lyon, Edinburgh / Cour du roi d’armes Lord Lyon, Édimbourg


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The recipient’s emblems were originally recorded in the records of the Court of the Lord Lyon, Edinburgh, Scotland, 29 March 1957.