HMCS Max Bernays

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Approval of a Badge
April 15, 2020
Vol. VII, p. 246

Badge of HMCS Max Bernays
Badge of HMCS Max Bernays
Badge of HMCS Max Bernays

Badge of HMCS Max Bernays


On a plate a ship’s wheel Gules environed by two laurel branches fructed their stems crossed in saltire Azure, all within an annulus charged with a rope Or issuant from in chief a billet fesswise Azure edged Or inscribed with the name of the ship in letters Argent, surmounted in base by three maple leaves, and ensigned by a naval crown Or its sails Argent;


The ship’s wheel represents the courage of Acting Chief Petty Officer Max Bernays in remaining at the helm of HMCS Assiniboine while under surface gun attack by a U Boat in 1942, during which time the bridge and wheelhouse were surrounded by flames, represented here by the red colour. The laurel wreath appears in the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal awarded to Bernays, as well as in the hat badge he wore as an Acting Chief Petty Officer. The white and blue are the colours of the ribbon of the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. The white background also refers to the Arctic environment in which HMCS Max Bernays will operate.





Meaning “Undaunted by fire,” this Latin phrase alludes to Max Bernays’ heroism under enemy fire. The translation also conveys the idea of “fire” as a reference to the flames surrounding Bernays during the ordeal.



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The announcement of the letters patent was made on March 27, 2021 in Volume 155, page 1315 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent approving the heraldic emblems of HMCS Max BernaysLetters patent approving the heraldic emblems of HMCS Max Bernays

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