The Trinity College School

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Port Hope, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Supporters
October 14, 1992
Vol. II, p. 195

Arms of Trinity College School
Arms of Trinity College School
Arms of Trinity College School

Arms of Trinity College School


The Arms of the Diocese of Toronto of the Anglican Church of Canada impaling Azure on a chevron Argent between three lozenges Or an otter's head erased Sable all within a bordure Argent;


The structure of the arms, composed of two halves within a border, is similar to that of the University of Trinity College whose support was obtained in 1865 to create The Trinity College School in Weston, Ontario. On the left side are the arms of the Diocese of Toronto. The right side honours the Rt. Rev. Alexander Neil Bethune, who was Bishop of Toronto when the school moved to Port Hope in 1868, with a new combination of charges found in the Bethune and Balfour arms. The border is used as a difference.



An open book edged Or bound Gules resting on the pages thereof a mitre Azure charged with two scallop shells in fess Or the orphreys also Or infulae Azure fringed Or;


The mitre alludes to the episcopal status of Bishop Bethune. Borrowing inspiration from the crest of the University of Trinity College, the mitre is placed on a book. The scallop shells are based on the scallop shell crest used by the Rev. William Johnson, the founder of the school.





This Latin phrase means “Blessed are the pure in heart”. It was adopted by the Rev. Charles Badgley, Headmaster (1865-1870), from the motto of St. John’s School, Hurstpierpoint in Sussex, England, where he had been assistant master.



On a grassy mound bearing two maple saplings proper leaved Or dexter a stag also Or unguled and attired Argent gorged with a torse Gules and Sable sinister a bear Or armed Argent and gorged with a like collar;


The stag is one of the supporters of the University of Trinity College, and the bear is the school’s mascot. Each wears a collar of twists of maroon and black, the school’s athletic colours. The maple saplings refer to the school’s students thriving in Canada.



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The announcement of the letters patent was made on December 5, 1992 in Volume 126, page 3669 of the Canada Gazette.

Letters patent granting heraldic emblems to Trinity College School

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