Role of the Governor General Today

Lesson objective

This lesson introduces activities designed to develop students’ research, oral presentation and questioning skills. Its objective is to teach them that the governor general’s role is an integral part of Canada’s system of government. Appreciating the scope of this role will help them to understand better how our parliamentary democracy works.

Target groups

The lesson activities are designed for students in grades 7 to 11 (Secondary 1 to 5), but they can be adapted for students in grades 5 or 6.

Links with curricula across Canada

This lesson is designed to enrich the teaching of Canada’s system of government and to support curricula in the social sciences, civics, geography, history, Canadian studies and political science.

Documents to download

Lesson Plan: The Role of the Governor General Today (PDF)

Activity Sheet 1: Defining Canada’s System of Government (PDF)

Activity Sheet 2: Who Does What? (PDF)

Activity Sheet 3: “Today, the Governor General . . . ” (PDF)

Activity Sheet 4: Governors General Past and Present (PDF)

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