Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation

Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation

The Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation may be awarded to any unit or sub-unit of the Canadian Armed Forces, or to any similar organization of a foreign armed force working with or in conjunction with the Canadian Armed Forces, that has performed an extraordinary deed or activity of a rare high standard in extremely hazardous circumstances. Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendations are restricted to war or war-like conditions in an active theatre of operations.

The Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation is composed of scroll, insignia and pennant.

The framed gold-embossed scroll is inscribed with the name of the formation, unit or sub-unit concerned, bears an appropriate citation, and is signed by the governor general as the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The insignia is a gold bar with the viceregal lion in full colour.

The accompanying pennant is a permanent symbol of the award and may be flown or displayed as a public distinction.

This program is managed by the Directorate of Honours and Recognition (DH&R) at the Department of National Defence. The Chancellery of Honours, on behalf of the Governor General, is responsible for the administration of the award of all Canadian honours. However, for many military service medals, this responsibility has been delegated to DH&R, which processes nominations for these medals. For more information, please visit the DH&R website.