Our Structure

Our Office is headed by a secretary, who serves as senior advisor to the governor general and is herald chancellor of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Our Policy, Program and Protocol Branch helps the governor general connect with Canadians through public events and visits. In addition, the Branch is responsible for the governor general and commander-in-chief programs in Canada and abroad. Through its visitor and interpretation programs, the Branch also shares the history of our institution with as many as 300 000 Canadians and international visitors who come annually to Rideau Hall, in Ottawa, and the Citadelle, in Québec.

The Chancellery of Honours recognizes and honours Canadians with medals, awards and decorations. It brings to light the stories of our successes and unsung heroes in our communities. It administers all aspects of the Canadian Honours System and several Governor General’s Awards. The Chancellery is also home to the Canadian Heraldic Authority, which is headed by the governor general and creates and records armorial bearings in Canada.

The Corporate Services Branch provides internal services and implements central agency policies and guidelines that apply across the organization. This branch is divided into two related sections. The first involves financial and material management, information technology,  information resources and mail management. The second focuses on human resources, strategic planning, and internal communications, as well as security and transportation services.

Secretary to the Governor General - Ian McCowan

Deputy Secretary of Honours - Brigadier-General Marc Thériault (Ret'd)

Director General, Corporate Services – Fady Abdul-Nour