As a reaction to covid 19, I organized a care telephone line serving the needs of people in my church community who are shut in at care homes and also serving the needs of seniors living at home who cannot get out. This phone line helps replace social isolation with a sense of being a cared for.

Heather Whitehouse
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

While sheltered in place I am aware of selfless acts others 1) my cousin Renee P. (Dartmouth NS), who since March sewed with limited supplies 65 masks for family &staff of Northwood Ctr Hfx where she used to work & 2) the amazing Genevieve P. (Orleans) probably sewed 500 or more masks!

Bonnie A
Ottawa, Ontario

I am highly committed to performing excise housekeeping and cleaning duties in an utmost attempt to assist in fostering a safe workplace for my dedicated D.A.S.C.H. Inc. residential (and temporary day program) support staff in a cozy setting for my roommates.  

Philip B
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Multi-Service Centre (Tillsonburg, ON) is grateful for the continued support of our Meals on Wheels volunteers during this time. We are thankful for volunteers like Friederike, who continue to volunteer Monday - Friday to deliver hot and frozen meals to clients in her apartment building.

Jen O
Tillsonburg, Ontario

I want to thank the CBSA HQ-Sir Robert Scott Building Cleaning Support Staff for their diligent efforts to ensure the Health & Safety of all CBSA employees. I am very grateful and whish you blessed days ahead.

Joanie W
Ottawa, Ontario

Josie D, my friend, has made an intentional phone call each week to some of her friends and associates, just to reach out and offer kind words and social distancing companionship during this time; some of us might feel isolated and may not want to pick up the phone and make that connection.

Kay C
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Matthew P is one of my really good classmates. His assistance has been remarkable especially during the COVID-19 days. There is uncertainty regarding how to receive various academic resources. I can not begin to express my gratitude for him. His mentorship was pivotal!

Sayem K
Toronto, Ontario

Our street is filled with homes where Teddy Bears live. On both ends a sign is posted to find the bears. It makes kids ( and adults too) happy.

Cindy L
Crystal Beach, Ontario

The kids on our street have been chalking uplifting messages at the end of driveways as they walk by with their family. Also noticed colourful painted rocks have be placed at the side of driveways on our street. Kindness is everywhere and so appreciated.

Carmen A
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

I've become penpal to random people in nursing homes. I made easter treats for kids of low income families. I cooked soups for seniors. All while isolating myself.

Pat L
Guelph, Ontario

We arranged to bring our pipes, drums, and dancers to 2 local retirement homes, and to perform outside for all the residents. They were encouraged to celebrate National Tartan Day with us by wearing tartans, and they all loved it. It was an honor to perform, and we'd do it every day if they asked.

Bethany B
Ottawa, Ontario

I am blessed to be volunteering with IDRF, which has partnered with Conquer COVID-19 and Canadian celebrities such as hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser & actor Ryan Reynolds to accept donations that are being used to procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other essential supplies for Canada.

Winston K
Toronto, Ontario

Members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 15 in Brampton, Ontario, Henry V. and David H., took extra safety precautions to pay their respects to the fallen and veterans on the Anniversary of Vimy Ridge.

Chris B
Brampton, Ontario

Best wishes to all the frontliners for a safe and healthy journey on this perilous trip. Love to all of you and a 6 foot hug to the three frontliners in my family. Peace health and safe times to all. To the few not distancing please start, it is not a loss of liberty, it is an extension of caring!

Mike P
Toronto, Ontario

Members of the Springhill Fire dept. teamed up with the local Foodland to help deliver groceries to people that cannot make it out to the store or not feel comfortable being out in this time of uncertainty. These members are not taking any donations or tips for going out.

Kendell S
Springhill, Nova Scotia

Each evening at 7:30 PM we go out on our porches and beat on pots and pans, lead by bag pipes, to honour health care workers. I can see over twenty participants. After about ten minutes the cresendo is reached and we yell "See ya tomorrow".

Bruce K
Toronto, Ontario

My neighbour & I often help each other clear snow off sidewalk. He lives alone so one day after baking some buns, I offered him 2 fresh buns! Also downloaded PDF file to cut out bunnies (16 & 1/2 of them) & pasted on windows for kids to have fun counting if they wish! Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

Kempton L
Calgary, Alberta

How strange that the people would change so much and so quickly. the kindness showed to us by neighbours, willing to do shopping for us and for us, contacting our friends all over the world on a more regular basis than before.

Jean B
Edmonton, Alberta

My ancestors fought in World War I. My father fought in World War II. I am 73 years old and I am fighting in World War III, against an enemy called COVID 19. Doing my part: staying home and practicing physical distancing. Fighting for my country. My turn now.  

Carol G
Hammond, Ontario

My wife Stacey B. is working on the front lines in a group home for people with disabilities. Trained originally as a ceramic artist, she is using her creative & compassionate nature to help those in need. Thank you to those working in the social sector. "Among the bravest of the bravest."

Michael M
Calgary, Alberta