Order of Canada recipients - May 2022


Marie Ann Battiste, O.C.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Unama’ki, Mi’kma’ki (Cape Breton Island)

Professor, researcher, author and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Marie Battiste has made foundational contributions to research and scholarship on Indigenous knowledge and languages. A treaty member of the Mi’kmaq Nation, she has elucidated the historical impact of cognitive imperialism on education and the needed protection, recovery and renewal of Indigenous knowledge and languages. A highly sought-after advisor and speaker, she has been at the forefront of efforts in the Indigenization and decolonization of education, with influences that extend beyond national boundaries and educational institutions.

Gordon R. Diamond, O.C., O.B.C.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Gordon Diamond has upheld the family’s exceptional legacy in philanthropy and business. Chair and owner of West Coast Reduction Ltd., and Austeville Properties Ltd., he has built them into two of western Canada’s largest family-owned businesses. As one of our country’s leading philanthropists, he and his eponymous foundation focus on health care and social services. He is noted for his landmark donation to a major Vancouver outpatient health centre, and his support for Jerusalem’s Shalva National Center for disabled persons and the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance.

John England, O.C.
Edmonton, Alberta

Lauded as an inspiring mentor, John England is a true force of nature. Professor emeritus in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta, he conducted more than 50 years of field research on the impact of environmental change on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, from the Ice Age to the present. A steadfast advocate for Arctic science and policy, as well as a sought-after advisor, he was notably instrumental in establishing Quttinirpaaq National Park. His increasingly relevant research contextualizes ongoing climate change, placing the phenomenon in a necessary, long-term perspective.

Rémy Girard, O.C.
Montréal, Quebec

Rémy Girard has had an impressive acting career. As one of the co-founders of Théâtre Parminou and the Théâtre du Vieux-Québec, he is a leading figure in the performing arts. His versatile performances and believable characters, in genres ranging from drama to comedy, captivate audiences. With over 50 feature films, 30 television series and nearly as many plays to his name, he is one of the most sought-after actors in the country. He was also involved with the Société pour les enfants handicapés du Québec, notably as spokesperson, for several years.

Eldon C. Godfrey, O.C.
Calgary, Alberta
Eldon Godfrey has made prodigious contributions to the sport of diving. Beginning as a parent volunteer over 40 years ago, he has since become an internationally acclaimed diving judge and official. He has both served and promoted Canadian sporting interests and values on the world stage with dedication and integrity, notably through his leadership of the Fédération internationale de natation and the Unión Americana de Natación. An exceptional role model and generous volunteer, he remains active and engaged in the sport at all levels.

Noni MacDonald, O.C., O.N.S.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Over the course of her lifelong career, Noni Macdonald has raised the level of efficiency and quality of clinical practices in pediatrics. Professor and former dean of medicine at Dalhousie University—the first woman in Canada to head a medical faculty—she has demonstrated unfading commitment to improving maternal and child health in Canada and abroad. Additionally, she co-founded MicroResearch, an organization that facilitates locally driven multidisciplinary health research teams to find solutions to community health problems in developing countries.

Robin McLeod, O.C.
Toronto, Ontario

Robin McLeod is at the forefront of training Canada’s future surgeons. Professor at the University of Toronto and former president of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons, she developed innovative guidelines for general surgery and designed educational tools to teach evidence-based practice. She is also the vice-president of Clinical Programs and Quality Initiatives at Cancer Care Ontario. At the helm of several important clinical trials, she has had a profound influence on medical practice and knowledge translation in surgical education and care.

James A. O’Reilly, O.C.
Montréal, Quebec

James O’Reilly has had a profound effect on the scope and practice of Aboriginal law in Canada. A committed jurist, he has advocated for the advancement and protection of Indigenous rights, with the results of his efforts being felt from one end of the country to the other. He has sought to empower First Nations, Inuit and Métis people with the ability to resolve critical issues concerning natural resource exploitation, land claims, treaty rights and self-determination. A revered mentor, he generously shares his knowledge and experience with the judicial community and with aspiring legal leaders of tomorrow.

Caroline Ouellette, O.C.
Montréal, Quebec

Caroline Ouellette made a significant contribution to the explosive growth of women’s hockey in Canada. Known for her power, drive and leadership, Number 13 distinguished herself within the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and internationally, notably bringing home four Olympic gold medals. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, she now laces up as a mentor and trainer, striving to make the game more accessible, increase development and advancement opportunities for female players of all ages, and involve athletes in community initiatives.

Lotfollah Shafai, O.C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lot Shafai has made pivotal advancements in telecommunications. As a professor and founding director of the world-class Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Manitoba, he has specialized in the fields of electromagnetics and antenna development. His research has had a profound impact on real-world technologies and applications including wireless and satellite communications, spacecraft technology, remote sensing and the electromagnetic mapping of arctic sea ice. Renowned for his leadership, he has taught and mentored the next generation of engineers and scholars in the field.


Joseph Raymond Buncic, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Ray Buncic is a revered leader in the field of pediatric ophthalmology. As a clinical neuro-ophthalmologist and eye surgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children for more than 45 years, he undertook pioneering studies on the relationship between the nervous system and the eye. His research into the eye-related consequences of neurological disorders has influenced diagnostic and treatment standards in this highly specialized field. He remains a beloved teacher and mentor to his trainees, many of whom are now practicing specialists in their own right in Canada and abroad.

Valerie Lynn Creighton, C.M., S.O.M.
Regina, Saskatchewan and Toronto, Ontario

Valerie Creighton’s outstanding contributions in the entertainment industry have had a lasting impact on our country’s cultural and economic landscapes. As president and CEO of the Canada Media Fund, she has fostered and enriched the production of Canadian television and digital media, and established Canada’s Indigenous Screen Office while promoting creative content and talent both at home and abroad. Recognized as a trailblazer in the industry, she has positioned Canada as a leader in digital distribution and has forged successful partnerships and co-production opportunities worldwide.

Thomas J. Foran, C.M., O.N.L.
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Tom Foran’s entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and mentorship. With a career spanning 40 years in the financial sector, he has been a cheerful champion of numerous start-ups, solidifying partnerships and offering sound solutions to many individuals and local initiatives across Newfoundland and Labrador. He bolstered the province’s cultural and artistic heritage through his unwavering passion in support of art gatherings, festivals and exhibits, notably as the long-serving chair of The Rooms.

Chan Hon Goh, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario
Chan Hon Goh bridges communities and cultures through dance. An illustrious ballerina renowned for performing with lyricism and emotional depth, she was a principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada for more than 15 years. Since retiring from the stage, she has actively contributed to dance events and initiatives, showcasing Canadian talent on the international scene. As the director of the Goh Ballet Academy, she continues to inspire the next generation of performers.

Gertrude Steiger Kearns, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Gertrude Kearns has gone to the front lines to understand and preserve our country’s war history. Embedding herself within the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces, the self-taught contemporary painter has created a thought-provoking body of work to engage and enlighten viewers on the difficult realities and consequences of war, as well as the enormous responsibility shouldered by Canada’s military. Her widely admired, poignant pieces can be found in private collections and public exhibits across the country, notably at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

alcides lanza, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec

Through his innovative creations and mentorship, alcides lanza has influenced the next generation of electroacoustic musicians. As the former director of the Electronic Music Studio at McGill University, the Canadian-Argentinian composer created new ways of thinking and talking about music. In his compositions, recordings and piano performances around the world, he brought a unique blend of European avant-garde and American experimentalism, while acknowledging his South American heritage. As the organizer of contemporary music events, he has championed Canadian works in the Americas as well as in Europe.

Derek Lister, C.M.
Chalk River, Ontario and Fredericton, New Brunswick

Derek Lister’s expertise in water chemistry and corrosion significantly impacts the operation of power plants. Noted for chairing Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s former R&D Advisory Panel, he currently serves on the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s Advisory Council and on other consultative bodies. He continues his academic and professional activities as professor emeritus at the University of New Brunswick. By translating his world-leading research into industrially relevant results, he has substantially contributed to improving worker safety and to reducing occupational radiation exposures in nuclear systems.

Nadir H. Mohamed, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Esteemed leader Nadir Mohamed has advanced Canada’s high-tech sector. Using his expertise from a successful 30-year career in the telecommunications and media industry, the former president and CEO of Rogers Communications co-founded ScaleUP Ventures to fund and foster promising start-up technology companies across Canada. The accomplished business executive has also shared his time and sought-after acumen with Ryerson University’s innovation initiatives including Digital Media Zone, as well as with a range of community organizations in the business, arts and health sectors.

Susan Helena Mortimer, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Lifelong opera enthusiast Sue Mortimer has fostered the talents of countless Canadian singers who are now shining on the world’s greatest stages. For decades, she was a devoted volunteer, mentor and long-standing board director of the Canadian Opera Company, to which she was named a life trustee. She previously served on the board of Prologue to the Performing Arts, a non-profit organization that promotes opera and theatre in schools across Ontario. In her beloved husband’s memory, she continues to generously donate to numerous arts and culture institutions and initiatives in Toronto.

Imant Karlis Raminsh, C.M.
Coldstream, British Columbia

Imant Raminsh is one of Canada’s most important composers. A conductor, violinist, mentor and creator of works in a broad range of styles, he has had an impact at both the national and international levels. Committed to sharing music and encouraging public involvement in the art form, he is credited with nurturing musical communities outside of Canada’s major centres. Notably, he is the founding conductor of the Prince George Symphony, the Youth Symphony of the Okanagan, the AURA Chamber Choir and the NOVA Children’s Choir.

Nicholas Saul, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Nicholas Saul has dedicated his career to eliminating poverty by empowering his community to build on its strengths. As co-founder of Community Food Centres Canada, he is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement to make healthy food accessible to all. Inspired to transform the charitable food bank model, he pioneered an approach that fosters hope, self-worth and social change through practical means, including co-operative gardening, communal cooking and dining, and civic engagement. The organization has grown exponentially, with centres in cities and towns across the country.

J. David Spence, C.M.
London, Ontario

An acclaimed medical doctor at the forefront of stroke prevention, David Spence has saved many lives through his groundbreaking research. A professor at Western University’s Robarts Institute and director of the Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Centre, he pioneered the use of ultrasound technology to predict cardiovascular risk, identify new causes of artery disease, measure the effects of therapy, and treat arteries to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Considered a giant in the scientific community, he also contributes significantly as a prolific author, lecturer and mentor.

James W. Treliving, C.M.
Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario

James Treliving has left an indelible mark on Canadian business. The former RCMP officer-turned-owner and chair of Treliving Management is renowned for his leadership and for his instrumental role in developing Boston Pizza International into a prosperous company. A member of CBC’s “Dragons’ Den,” he has mentored, financed and inspired countless young entrepreneurs for over a decade. An esteemed philanthropist, he is the founder of the Boston Pizza Foundation, and is actively involved in a number of organizations, notably the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation.