Dreaming Big and Taking Action

The Order of Canada is proud to partner with Experiences Canada to present Canada150&Me.

Canada150&Me is a national youth competition that gives 150 students from across the country and between the ages of 14 and 19 the chance to engage in discussions and participate in community activities centred around Canada’s 150th anniversary. In April and May 2017, regional youth forums are being held in four major cities across Canada:  Vancouver, Montréal, Halifax and Winnipeg. Forum topics include the environment, immigration and diversity, Canada in the world, and human rights.

Looking Towards the Future

At this threshold moment in Canada’s history, forum participants have the opportunity to express and exchange views on our country’s future, focusing on the question “What is the greatest opportunity or challenge facing Canada for your generation?” Originality, creativity and insight are the hallmarks of these national forums, bringing together emerging talent from across the country. Truly a great prospect for our future!



Order of Canada members such as Lloyd Axworthy, Gregory Charles, Daniel Germain, Chantal Petitclerc, Ratna Omidvar and David Suzuki are participating in the Canada150&Me forums to engage with young Canadians and to share their unique perspectives, knowledge and passion as keynote speakers and mentors. A great way for Canadian luminaries to inspire our country’s emerging leaders to dream big and take action!

Grand Finale

Canada150&Me will conclude with a National Youth Forum in Ottawa on June 26, 2017—mere days before Canada’s big 150th birthday bash!

Order of Canada members who would like to attend can register with Experiences Canada before June 20, 2017 at ddavis@experiencescanada.ca. For more information, visit the Experiences Canada website.