Presentation of Honours in Toronto

February 16, 2018
UPDATED - February 19, 2018

Governor General to Present Honours in Toronto

OTTAWA—Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, will present honours during a ceremony on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, at 2 p.m. at the Fairmont Royal York’s Concert Hall, in Toronto.

Close to 60 remarkable Canadians will be recognized for their excellence, courage or exceptional dedication to service with one of the following honours: the Order of Canada, Decorations for Bravery, Meritorious Service Decorations, or the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.

The Governor General presents honours on behalf of all Canadians in communities across the country to help share inspiring stories, celebrate tremendous contributions to our society and connect with Canadians. From community volunteers to scientists, from actors to members of the military, from scholars to everyday citizens, hundreds of Canadians earn our applause and gratitude. For more information about honours or to nominate someone who inspires you, visit

A schedule for the ceremony, the list of recipients with citations, and background information on the types of honours that will be presented are attached.


Media wishing to cover the ceremony are asked to confirm their attendance with the Rideau Hall Press Office, and must arrive at the Fairmont Royal York’s Concert Hall no later than 1:45 p.m.

 Media information:

Sara Régnier-McKellar
Rideau Hall Press Office
613-301-2465 (cell)


Media are asked to observe the following schedule: 

1:15 p.m.:        Media start to arrive at the Fairmont Royal York (Concert Hall)

2:00 p.m.:        Ceremony begins

                         The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario offers welcoming remarks                    

                         The Governor General speaks

                         The Governor General presents the honours

3:30 p.m.:        Interviews with recipients

Please note that the information in this news release reflects the rank of the recipients at the time of the event for which they are being recognized.



Constable Philip Sheldon, S.C.
Beamsville, Ontario
Star of Courage
Constable Dale Culley, M.B.
Beamsville, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On July 5, 2015, constables Dale Culley and Philip Sheldon, of the Niagara Regional Police Service, attempted to save an elderly woman from her burning home in Lincoln, Ontario. Responding to a domestic disturbance call, the police officers heard the victim’s screams and burst into her home where they found her doused in gasoline moments before her son ignited the liquid. As he reached for the woman, Constable Sheldon slipped, coating himself in gasoline and catching fire. He attempted to remove the woman from the room, but was forced to retreat. Outside, Constable Culley helped extinguish the fire consuming his partner’s uniform before attempting to reach the victim again, but he, too, was forced back by the intense flames. Sadly, the victim did not survive.

 Constable Thomas James Albert Broadfoot, M.B.
Ajax, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On January 14, 2014, Constable Thomas Broadfoot, of the Durham Regional Police Service, rescued a man following a car accident in Ajax, Ontario. He crawled into the overturned vehicle on his hands and knees, but was briefly forced back by the strong fumes of gasoline pooling inside the car. Despite the risk of a fire or explosion, he re-entered the vehicle to shield the victim from the gasoline exposure and remained with him until emergency services arrived.

 Jonathan Davidson, M.B.
Hamilton, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On October 1, 2016, Jonathan Davidson saved two neighbours from their burning home in Hamilton, Ontario. Hearing cries coming from the boarding house, Mr. Davidson ran to the residence and, after blocking a man from re-entering the building, caught a woman who had jumped from a second-floor window. He tried entering the house several times, struggling to reach another victim trapped by the flames, but was forced back by the thick smoke. He stopped his attempts only when the police blocked his re-entry. Sadly, three other victims could not be saved from the fire.

Jason Eberley, M.B.
Port Dover, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On March 16, 2016, Jason Eberley attempted to rescue two people caught in a rip current in the waters off Quintana Roo, Mexico. He reached the first victim as she struggled against the tide, and managed to pull her through the strong current to safer waters before she fell unconscious. As he attempted to revive the woman, Mr. Eberley learned of a second person in distress. He traversed the same waters and, with the help of bystanders, reached the unconscious man and brought him to shore. Sadly, neither victim survived.

Christopher Hay, M.B.
Hastings, Ontario
Jeffrey Stewart, M.B.
Douro-Dummer, Ontario
Francis Underwood, M.B.
Big Cedar, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On July 7, 2015, Christopher Hay, Jeffrey Stewart and Francis Underwood rescued two men following an accident on a highway near Peterborough, Ontario. Mr. Hay approached the first vehicle, pulled the injured driver out through the driver’s side door and dragged the man to safety. Meanwhile, the second vehicle’s engine had caught fire, and after Mr. Underwood kicked in the rear window, he and Mr. Stewart reached in to pull the victim out of the truck before it became fully engulfed in flames.

The decoration awarded to Mr. Underwood will be presented to him at a future ceremony.

Terry Glen May, M.B.
Petrolia, Ontario
Medal of Bravery

On April 6, 2016, Terry May rescued a woman from her burning house in Petrolia, Ontario. After finding the front door locked, Mr. May entered through the kitchen door, where he came up against a wall of heavy, black smoke. He crawled inside, located the unconscious victim on the floor and dragged her back toward the doorway to safety. 


Izzeldin Abuelaish, O.Ont., M.S.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish is the founding president of Daughters for Life, a Toronto-based foundation that awards scholarships to women in the Middle East to give them the opportunity to attend university in North America. By investing in their potential, he is empowering them to become the leaders of tomorrow and helping to improve the lives of women from the region.

A. Lynne Beal, M.S.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Dr. A. Lynne Beal’s research into post-traumatic stress in veterans of the Second World War led to recognition of this condition by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her determined advocacy resulted in affected veterans receiving pensions, appropriate treatment and counselling for their condition.

Daniel Corvec, M.S.C.
André Dudemaine, M.S.C.
Pierre Thibeault, M.S.C.
Montréal, Quebec
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Daniel Corvec, André Dudemaine and Pierre Thibeault are the founders of the First Peoples Festival, an annual event held in Montréal that celebrates Indigenous history and traditions from North, South and Central America. For nearly 30 years, this international festival has helped promote local artists and has served as a gathering place where the bonds of friendship between Indigenous people and the Canadian public are reinforced.

Naheed Dosani, M.S.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Physician Naheed Dosani is a trailblazer in providing mobile, end-of-life care for the homeless and the vulnerably housed. Founder and team leader of Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless (PEACH), he treats an often-neglected population with dignity and compassion, whether in a shelter or on the street.  A first in Canada, his model of care has inspired similar programs in other cities around the world.

Sandra Hanington, M.S.C.
Eric Windeler, M.S.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Following the loss of their son, Jack, to suicide, Sandra Hanington and Eric Windeler created the national charity Supported by a staff of 22, this national network of 2 500 young leaders raises Canadians’ awareness of mental health issues and helps high school, college and university students support one another, connect with services, dispel taboos surrounding mental health, and advocate for change.

Sandra Laronde, M.S.C., O.M.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Sandra Laronde is the founder and artistic director of Red Sky Performance, an Indigenous dance, theatre and music company. Lauded for its innovative performances, the troupe has contributed greatly to the evolution of Canadian Indigenous artistry. Its production Mistatim centres on the values of reconciliation, both in Canada and abroad.

Andrew Stawicki, M.S.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division)

Photographer Andrew Stawicki is the driving force behind Photosensitive, a collective of volunteer photographers who use their talents to draw attention to social issues in Canada and across the globe. His vision and passion behind the lens inspire positive change, help to raise funds, and bring the struggles and triumphs in the daily lives of society’s most vulnerable into focus.

William Lucas Anderson, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

William Lucas Anderson, founder of the stopgap Foundation, estimates that two-thirds of urban spaces are not accessible to people with mobility restrictions. His solution was to create simple, temporary ramps for businesses that have entry stairs. Hundreds of the brightly coloured ramps are now in use across Canada. Through this initiative, as well as his engaging presentations to students and community groups, he has drawn attention to the need to permanently eliminate barriers in our built environment.

Zenon Petro Andrusyszyn, M.S.M.
London, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Zenon Andrusyszyn founded the Canadian Historical Documentation and Imaging Group, a not-for-profit organization that digitally records historic sites, documents and artifacts. The 3D images that he and his team have assembled are showcased in art galleries and museums across Canada and in France, allowing Canadians and people around the world to experience an invaluable historical journey. 

Theresa Carriere, M.S.M.
London, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Theresa Carriere founded ONERUN in 2010 to give back to the community that supported her in her battle with breast cancer. Through the ONERUN marathons, she has covered more than 500 kilometres, while the initiative has raised over $900,000 for cancer research and patient support networks. She now travels to schools across the province to inspire youth and promote active lifestyles.

Mary Anne Chambers, O.Ont., M.S.M.
Gordon Cressy, O.Ont., M.S.M.
Joseph Y. K. Wong, C.M., M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Mary Anne Chambers, Gordon Cressy and Joseph Wong founded Harmony Movement in 1994, an organization that was at the forefront in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in Ontario. Today, Harmony Movement continues to offer youth leadership programs in schools, diversity training in offices, and an awards program that recognizes champions of social equality and inspires civic leaders of tomorrow.

The decoration awarded to Mr. Cressy will be presented to him at a future ceremony.

Mark Etherington, M.S.M.
Paul S. Etherington, M.S.M.
Sean Etherington, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Brothers Mark, Paul and Sean Etherington founded motionball, a not-for-profit organization to raise awareness and funds in support of athletes with special needs. On campuses and in communities across the country, their sports and social events integrate participants of all abilities. Over the past 5 years, motionball has raised more than $7 million and has become the largest financial contributor to the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

Didier Farré, M.S.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Cinephile Didier Farré founded the Outaouais Film Festival to bring a wider variety of auteur films to moviegoers in the Outaouais region. Now the leading presenter of Quebec films in the country, the festival provides filmmakers with privileged domestic and foreign market access, and raises the profile of Quebec cinema.

Donna Green, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Donna Green is the founder and president of Stella’s Place, a charitable organization that provides mental health services to young adults in Toronto. She was moved to create the organization after having struggled to find treatment for her daughter’s mental health issues. Stella’s Place provides much-needed access to a range of mental health services to hundreds of young adults and their families every year.

Larry Hundt, M.S.M.
Lorna Hundt, M.S.M.
Kitchener, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches owners Larry and Lorna Hundt made a commitment to have their fleet of over 40 motor coaches hand-painted with murals depicting various Canadian themes. Thanks to their initiative, the coaches, now attractions themselves, allow passengers and bystanders to learn about our history and heritage. The couple have become lifelong ambassadors for our country, instilling Canadian pride and awareness of our heritage.

Marguerite Kazarian, M.S.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Marguerite Kazarian is the tireless leader of the Children’s Fund for Armenia (CFFA), a charity that supports children and families in regions affected by a devastating earthquake almost three decades ago and by ongoing regional conflict and insecurity. By expanding local partnerships, she has enabled CFFA to provide winter essentials for families, counselling and education for teens, and medical care in Canada for Armenian children with debilitating illnesses.

Constable Judith Falbo, M.S.M.
Cambridge, Ontario
Corporal Warren MacInnis, M.S.M. (Ret’d)
Dundalk, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Constable Judith Falbo and Corporal Warren MacInnis revamped the RCMP’s approach to investigating intellectual property crime. Diligent research and collaboration with industry were the lynchpins to providing prosecutors with innovative ways to tackle a shadowy area of criminal activity and to combat the importation of counterfeit products into the country.

The decoration awarded to Constable Falbo was presented to her at a previous ceremony.

David Guttman, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Jack Moon, M.S.M.
Georgetown, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Bladder cancer patients David Guttman and Jack Moon founded Bladder Cancer Canada to provide information about diagnoses, share treatment options and offer resources to patients, caregivers and physicians. Their successful early intervention campaign If You See Red has raised the profile of the disease while their annual awareness walk raises funds for research and the Canadian Bladder Cancer Information System. Their grassroots organization has since become a national network that has been replicated internationally.

The decoration awarded to Mr. Guttman will be presented to him at a future ceremony.

Jane Nokes, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Jane Nokes has had a profound impact on the conservation and celebration of Canadian visual art. Now retired, she was the long-time director of Scotiabank’s archives and fine art collection and was instrumental in establishing the Scotiabank Photography Award and the bank’s sponsorship of the CONTACT Photography Festival. Her dedication has ensured the preservation of some of Canada’s most significant artworks and increased the prominence of Canadian photography internationally.

Barry Pinsky, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division)

Barry Pinsky is the founding executive director of Rooftops Canada–Abri International, an organization that has been providing technical expertise and leadership in low-cost housing development around the world for decades. Working with partners in over 30 countries, he has spearheaded social housing and micro-financing programs that provide tens of thousands of vulnerable people with decent, affordable homes.


Adele M. Armstrong
Tillsonburg, Ontario

Adele Armstrong has been an active member of her church for over 50 years, helping with the youth ministry, visiting sick parishioners and assisting with the sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family. She has also been very involved with and contributed to the Catholic Women’s League.

John Armstrong
Tillsonburg, Ontario

Since 1961, John Armstrong has been an active volunteer in his community, lending a helping hand wherever he can, whether through his parish or the numerous charitable organizations with which he is involved.

Vania Atudorei
Laval, Quebec

Vania Atudorei has voluntarily trained over 600 students in first aid treatment. He has also helped improve bilateral relations between Canada and Romania by initiating partnerships between the two countries’ colleges and organizing exhibits about Canada in Romania.

Sharon Babineau
Hamilton, Ontario

Sharon Babineau has risen above personal tragedy to give back to her community and contribute to a better world. From her involvement with ALS Ontario to her creation of the initiatives MAD4Maddie, MADB4Grad and Maddie’s Everlasting Wish, she has devoted herself to helping people and to inspiring others to do the same.

Anna Baggio
Montréal, Quebec

Since 1998, Anna Baggio has organized a yearly community luncheon in support of Montréal’s two pediatric hospitals, for which she has raised over $130,000. She also dedicated many years of service to the church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense as its warden.

Pierre Boily
Varennes, Quebec

Since 2008, Pierre Boily has been an active member of the Special Olympics family, volunteering as a soccer and floor hockey coach, as well as a member of the Quebec chapter’s sports committee.

Paula Boudreau-Furfaro
Strathmore, Alberta

Teacher Paula Boudreau-Furfaro does so much to help her students to feel valued, loved and connected. She volunteers as a voice and acting coach, as well as director, for the many drama and music activities at her school. In addition, she shops for groceries to make meals for needy children. She frequently lends a sympathetic ear to those in need of support, and seeks help from others when particularly difficult situations arise.

Debbie Breuls
Oakville, Ontario

As founder and lead organizer of the Children’s Wish Car Rally, Debbie Breuls has helped raise $600,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada since the launch of the event 26 years ago.  She recruits and leads the group of volunteers that work the annual event, and also secures necessary corporate and community sponsorship.

James Carman
Barrie, Ontario

Since 2002, Sergeant James Carman has been a youth mentor and leader with the 102 Barrie Silver Fox Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. He was also instrumental in establishing the 32 Canadian Army Cadet Corps in Toronto.

Nicolas Chebroux
Montréal, Quebec

Since 2005, Nicolas Chebroux has been participating in the various emergency services of the Quebec division of the Canadian Red Cross. His professionalism and teamwork have greatly contributed to the division’s successful operations.

Rahim Karim
Toronto, Ontario

For over 15 years, Rahim Karim has worked towards the betterment of his community through the expansion of education and social supports. He has been an active volunteer with the Rotary Club of Scarborough, the George Brown College United Way Cabinet, the IMPACT Family Campaign with Centennial College and the Centennial College Board of Governors.

Constable Michael La Combe
Mount Hope, Ontario

For 27 years, Constable Michael La Combe has been a youth leader with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 540 Golden Hawks Squadron in Oakville, Ontario, where he has influenced the lives of thousands of youth in the cadet community. He has contributed to the expansion of the local cadet program, which has grown from 50 to 250 members in the past six years.

Shishir Lakhani
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Shishir Lakhani has volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the past decade. As a member of its board of directors, he engages community leaders to participate in the Foundation’s mission. He recruits volunteers, promotes the national volunteer week, and attends stewardship meetings with some of the Foundation’s top supporters.

Captain Herman Li
Markham, Ontario

Captain Herman Li has been a volunteer pilot instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program since 2008, and has taught more than 260 would-be pilots. He has given many students their first experience in small-craft flying and mentored 10 youth who subsequently received competitive national scholarships to pursue their careers in aviation.

Kathy Liu
Toronto, Ontario

For the past five years, Kathy Liu has volunteered with the Cummer Lodge long-term care home and Bridgepoint Active Healthcare. As part of her duties, she has served as a stroke education ambassador and has coordinated presentations to volunteers on how to care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Molly Anne Macdonald
Toronto, Ontario

For over 30 years, Molly Anne Macdonald has been a committed volunteer and board member with the Gardiner Museum, holding such positions as treasurer, placement chair, docent chair, co-chair of publications, and member of the board of trustees. Over the years, she has demonstrated her ability to effect change within the organization, and to initiate cross-cultural dialogue among volunteers and the general public through the museum’s programs and collections.

René Proulx
Lachine, Quebec

Since 1996, René Proulx has volunteered with several organizations, including the Royal Canadian Legion and the Cadet Corps. He has helped young and old alike work together to achieve their goals, and is always available to assist those in need.

Humaid Razool
Thompson, Manitoba

With 25 years of scouting experience, Humaid Razool is an integral part of the Thompson Scout Group. Having introduced a successful Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program into the group’s agenda, he now serves as a senior scout leader and a mentor who is always willing to help out with new activities.

Joseph C. Sullivan
Peterborough, Ontario

For more than 50 years, Second World War veteran Joseph Sullivan has worked extensively to have veterans recognized for their contributions. He regularly brings together fellow surviving members of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders for reunions, where they can share memories and pay tribute to their fallen comrades-in-arms.

Shanta Sundarason
Markham, Ontario

Shanta Sundarason is the founder of the social justice group The Giving Tree Unionville, which she created to empower youth to become positive change makers. Since her arrival in Canada in 2010, she has hosted six events to establish greater inclusivity and understanding among neighbours in the community, while also mentoring youth.

Stéphane Vallée
Montréal, Quebec

Since 2008, Stéphane Vallée has been promoting the values, priorities and programs of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, particularly in Quebec where he serves as a UNESCO ambassador.

Carla Florence Whillier
Toronto, Ontario

Carla Whillier has been working to better the lives of those living with physical and mental health issues for over 10 years through such organizations as the Life and Hope Foundation, Camp Trillium and the Mental Health Legal Committee. Using both a hands-on approach and her legal skill set, she has helped better the lives of many throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Shiu-Kwong Wong
Markham, Ontario

For the past 23 years, Shiu-Kwong Wong has volunteered as a Venturer advisor with the 11th Toronto Scout Group, and as a lead trainer of outdoor skills with the Scouts’ Greater Toronto Council. A believer in the act of giving back to society, he encourages members of all ages to participate in community service projects.


Stephen Anderson Otto, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Stephen Otto’s influence and dedication has preserved the history of Toronto and Ontario. For over 40 years, he has been a discreet yet determined force protecting and promoting Canadian history and heritage. Both individually and as a member of various groups, he spearheaded successful efforts to restore or return to public ownership numerous sites, green spaces and landmarks, such as the Distillery District and Spadina House. He has also been instrumental in preserving, expanding and ensuring the future viability of the Fort York National Historic Site. 


About the Decorations for Bravery
Created in 1972, Decorations for Bravery recognize people who risk their lives and choose to defy their own instinct of survival to try to save a loved one or a perfect stranger whose life is in immediate danger. The three levels of the Decorations for Bravery reflect the degree to which the recipients put themselves at risk: the Cross of Valour recognizes acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril; the Star of Courage recognizes acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril; and the Medal of Bravery recognizes acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

About the Meritorious Service Decorations
The Meritorious Service Decorations celebrate Canadians who have performed an exceptional deed or activity that brings honour to Canada. The decorations are separated into military and civil divisions, with two levels each: a cross and a medal.  

The Civil Division recognizes remarkable contributions in many different fields of endeavour, from advocacy initiatives and health care services, to research and humanitarian efforts. The contributions can be innovative, set an example for others to follow, or improve the quality of life of a community. For more information or to nominate a deserving Canadian, visit

About the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers
The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers recognizes the remarkable volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields. As an official Canadian honour, the Medal pays tribute to the dedication and exemplary commitment of volunteers. For more information or to nominate a deserving volunteer, visit

About the Order of Canada
Created in 1967, the Order of Canada, one of our country’s highest civilian honours, recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. Close to 7 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and have taken to heart the motto of the Order: DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (“They desire a better country”). Appointments are made by the governor general on the recommendation of the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada. For more information about the Order of Canada or to nominate someone, visit