Governor General to Honour Remarkable Canadians at Rideau Hall

November 1, 2018

OTTAWA—Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, will present honours to Canadians in celebration of their exceptional achievements. The ceremony will take place at Rideau Hall on Monday, November 5, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.                                                 

More than 40 remarkable Canadians will be recognized for their excellence, courage or exceptional dedication to service with one of the following honours: the Order of Merit of the Police Forces, a Meritorious Service Decoration, a Decoration for Bravery, the Polar Medal or the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.

The Governor General presents honours on behalf of all Canadians in communities across the country to help share inspiring stories, celebrate tremendous contributions to our society and connect with Canadians. From community volunteers to scientists, from actors to members of the military, from scholars to everyday citizens, Canadians earn our applause and gratitude. For more information about honours or to nominate someone who inspires you, visit

A schedule of the ceremony, the recipients’ citations, and background information on the types of honours being presented are attached.


Media interested in covering the ceremony are asked to confirm their attendance with the 
Rideau Hall Press Office and to arrive at the Princess Anne Entrance no later than
10:15 a.m. on the day of the ceremony.

Media information:

Sara Régnier-McKellar
Rideau Hall Press Office
613-301-2465 (cell)


10:00 a.m.:      Media start to arrive at Rideau Hall

10:30 a.m.:      Ceremony begins
                         The Governor General speaks
                         The Governor General presents the honours

11:45 a.m.:      Interviews with recipients

Please note that the information in this news release reflects the rank of the recipients at the time of the event for which they are being recognized.




Chief Superintendent Jeffery Joseph Adam, O.O.M.
Ottawa, Ontario

Chief Superintendent Jeffery Adam has been a distinguished member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 30 years. A leading expert in cybercrime and co-chair of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) E-Crime Committee, he is the driving force in the modernization of law enforcement’s use of digital evidence for investigative purposes.

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Fleury, O.O.M. (Retired)
Ottawa, Ontario

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Fleury has served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 37 years. A founding co-chair of the CACP International Committee, she successfully consulted with external police partners to realign global policing priorities, and championed for the inclusion and representation of Canadian police training standards within foreign UN missions.


Sergeant Michael Lamothe, M.O.M.
Ottawa, Ontario

Sergeant Michael Lamothe has been a member of the Ottawa Police Service for over 20 years. A leader in the High Risk Offender Management section, he developed a training curriculum and seminars for front-line patrol officers to better cope with mental health crisis situations. The curriculum is now used as a template for other national policing organizations. 



Kahlil Baker, M.S.C.
Bowen Island, British Columbia
Samuel Gervais, M.S.C.
Laura Howard, M.S.C.
Brooke van Mossel-Forrester, M.S.C.
Montréal, Quebec

Kahlil Baker, Samuel Gervais, Laura Howard and Brooke van Mossel-Forrester founded Taking Root, a not‑for‑profit organization that uses reforestation to reduce the impact of climate change, restore ecosystems and promote economic development among farmers in Nicaragua. By working to reforest more than 1 500 hectares, they have helped to create thousands of jobs and improved conditions in nearly 70 local communities, while offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 90 000 cars.

Richard Howard Gimblett, M.S.C., C.D.
Port Hope, Ontario

Richard Gimblett is recognized internationally as our country’s premier post-Cold War naval historian. His research and advice contributed significantly to the creation of a national monument to the Royal Canadian Navy in Ottawa and to the re-introduction of the Canadian Naval Ensign for warships and other designated vessels. His analysis of past operations and partnerships has influenced the strategic direction of the navy’s involvement in world maritime security.

Tobias Lütke, M.S.C.
Ottawa, Ontario

Tobias Lütke is the driving force behind Shopify, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. He has grown this innovative start-up into a high-tech behemoth that connects suppliers with on-line shoppers who spend billions of dollars on merchandise. In addition to his entrepreneurship, he supports the growth of the Canadian technology industry by working on government steering committees and partnering with post-secondary institutions to offer students real-world experience.


Brigadier-General Shane Anthony Brennan, M.S.M., C.D. (Retired)
Kemptville, Ontario

Brigadier-General Brennan was deployed as commander of Joint Task Force–Iraq from May 2016 to February 2017, as part of Canada’s contribution to combatting Daesh in Iraq and Syria. He consolidated three command-and-control elements into a single Joint Operations Centre, expanded Canada’s role in the coalition’s Joint Task Force, and was instrumental to the successful employment of Canadian Armed Forces capabilities in the region. Brigadier-General Brennan’s stellar performance earned universal praise from coalition allies and strengthened Canada’s international reputation.

This is the third Meritorious Service Medal awarded to Brigadier-General Brennan.

Commander Jeffrey Lawrence Murray, M.S.C., M.S.M., C.D.
Ottawa, Ontario

Commander Murray was deployed aboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Fredericton from January 2015 to July 2015 as part of Canada’s contribution to NATO assurance measures in the Mediterranean and Black seas. As commanding officer, he led the Royal Canadian Navy’s first modernized frigate overseas and demonstrated professionalism throughout various NATO exercises, which sharpened the maritime situational awareness, interoperability and anti-submarine, -air and -surface warfare tactics of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2. Commander Murray’s remarkable performance significantly strengthened Canada’s reputation with NATO allies.

Chief Warrant Officer David Edward Hepditch, M.M.M., M.S.M., C.D.
Shearwater, Nova Scotia

From May 2016 to March 2017, Chief Warrant Officer Hepditch was deployed to Kuwait as part of Canada’s contribution to the Middle East Stabilization Force. As chief warrant officer of Joint Task Force–Iraq, he demonstrated leadership and exceptional professionalism that enabled the task force commander to build and maintain an operationally focused, one-team approach and to achieve mission success.

Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Lionel Robidoux, M.S.M., C.D.
Ottawa, Ontario

From June to December 2016, Lieutenant-Colonel Robidoux was deployed to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, as part of Canada’s contribution to defeating Daesh. As the deputy chief of Combat Operations Division of the 609th Combined Air Operations Centre, he improved the integration of coalition partners and the delivery of air power in a highly dynamic environment. Lieutenant-Colonel Robidoux’s tactical acumen improved the command and control of air assets, permitting more effective engagements of enemy targets.

Lieutenant-Commander Paul Anthony Smith, M.S.M., C.D.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Lieutenant-Commander Smith is recognized for his leadership and global engagement efforts as the task element commander of the first Royal Canadian Navy deployment in support of Operation NEPTUNE TRIDENT, from February 17 to May 2, 2017. He was instrumental to Royal Canadian Navy successes in regional engagements and its participation in the international naval exercise OBANGAME EXPRESS 17. Lieutenant-Commander Smith strengthened diplomatic ties and demonstrated Canada’s commitment to fostering maritime security within the Gulf of Guinea.

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Andrew John Tiffin, M.M.M., M.S.M., C.D. (Retired)
Ottawa, Ontario

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tiffin was deployed to Kuwait from November 2015 to June 2016 as the chief warrant officer of Joint Task Force–Iraq. His inspired leadership helped to forge a disparate group of personnel into a cohesive team that achieved operational excellence. He also provided sound advice to senior staff, resolved operational and personnel issues, and ensured a state of high morale during relief-in-place rotations. Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tiffin was integral to mission success.

Major Christopher Wood, M.S.M., C.D.
Pembroke, Ontario

Major Wood displayed exceptional leadership at a particularly sensitive juncture in the campaign to defeat Daesh. His vision and engagement with coalition partners ensured the task force remained responsive during a highly intense period of operations. His efforts contributed to the security of the host nation while successfully repositioning the task force for future mission success. Major Wood’s professionalism and dedication to the mission brought great honour to the Canadian Armed Forces.


Oleh Michael Antonyshyn, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto-based craniofacial surgeon Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn organized and led four medical relief missions to Ukraine to perform reconstructive surgery on soldiers and civilians disfigured by explosions and burns sustained during the ongoing conflict. In addition to providing medical care, the volunteer teams trained local health care workers in up-to-date procedures and battlefield medicine so they can continue to help patients rebuild their shattered lives.

Monique A. D. Bourassa, M.S.M.
Gatineau, Quebec

Two-time cancer survivor Monique Bourassa is the creative mind behind the Les Rêves de Monique fashion show, an annual charity event that offers breast cancer survivors and patients the opportunity to be models for a day. The event has raised over $800,000 for the Gatineau Hospital Cancer Centre to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, offering patients the best treatment options and rekindling their hopes for the future.

Rachel Corneille Gravel, M.S.M.
L’Assomption, Quebec

Rachel Corneille Gravel, Executive Director of Ste. Anne’s Hospital, demonstrated outstanding leadership in modernizing this facility for veterans, positioning it as a global leader in long-term care techniques. In addition, by establishing the first Canadian mental health clinic offering treatment for post-operational stress injuries, she enhanced the hospital’s existing reputation for excellence in research and innovation.

Norman D. Crerar, M.S.M.
Vernon, British Columbia

Norman Crerar founded the Okanagan Military Tattoo, a musical spectacle that brings an influx of pipers, drummers and dancers from across the region, the country and even from abroad to his community each summer. A result of his enthusiastic leadership and hundreds of hours of his time, the event is a substantial boost for the local economy and a showcase of military and cultural traditions that is unique in Western Canada.

Barbara Ellen Crook, M.S.M.
Daniel George Greenberg, M.S.M.
Ottawa, Ontario

Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg are a philanthropic power couple in the Ottawa region. Through their Danbe Foundation, they have given generously to cancer research and care, mental health services, the arts and many other charitable causes, large and small. As community leaders who devote their time to various committees and deliver numerous keynote speeches, they have inspired a spirit of giving in the National Capital Region and beyond.

Aldo E. J. Del Col, M.S.M.
Beaconsfield, Quebec

After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Aldo Del Col founded Myeloma Canada to raise awareness of this second most common form of blood cancer and to provide treatment information for patients and their families. Seeking to push research forward, he also created the Myeloma Canada Research Network to connect clinicians across Canada to share findings, discuss new treatments and work together towards a cure.

Gilles Desjardins, M.S.M.
Gatineau, Quebec

A leader in real estate in the Outaouais, Gilles Desjardins is improving the well-being of citizens in the National Capital Region through his philanthropic support of more than 300 organizations. He is a benefactor of the arts and culture, offering his patronage to Francophone cultural organizations in both Quebec and Ontario. Furthermore, he supports efforts to improve health care in the Outaouais through his generous financial contributions to the Gatineau Health Foundation.

Catherine J. Keddy, M.S.M.
Paul A. Keddy, M.S.M.
Carleton Place, Ontario

Worried about the future of their 250-hectare property, ecologists Cathy and Paul Keddy signed a 999-year agreement with the Mississipi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy to have part of their land donated and the remainder restricted from any future development. Thanks to their generous gift, the sanctuary—home to at least 10 at-risk species and situated in a rapidly urbanizing area—will be safeguarded and appreciated by future generations of nature enthusiasts.

Morley Stuart Lymburner, M.S.M.
Stouffville, Ontario

Morley Lymburner founded Blue Line Magazine and served as its publisher for a quarter of a century, spearheading its growth into an independent, highly respected trade publication for the law enforcement community. Dedicated to Canadian issues and content, Blue Line keeps readers informed of news, technological advances and best practices while serving as a unifying element for police and security professionals across the country.

Beverley Tosh, M.S.M.
Calgary, Alberta

Contemporary artist Beverley Tosh created a project entitled War Brides: One-Way Passage, a collection of portraits depicting young women who emigrated from their home countries to follow the foreign servicemen they married during the Second World War. Exhibited across Canada and abroad, her compelling artworks, together with accompanying story panels created by interviewing each woman personally, form an invaluable historical archive of a 20th-century cultural phenomenon.


Captain Michael Lawrence Kristy, M.B., C.D. (Retired)
Clarksburg, Ontario
Master Corporal Ryan Kristy, M.B.
Shiloh, Manitoba

On January 5, 2016, while on holidays in Santa Maria, Cuba, Captain Michael Kristy and his son, Master Corporal Ryan Kristy, rescued a man who was in danger of drowning. At great personal risk, Captain Kristy and Master Corporal Kristy swam out through choppy water to reach the victim, more than 150 metres from shore. Together, they brought the man back to shore and administered critical, life-saving treatment until local medical assistance arrived.

Petty Officer 2nd Class David LeBlanc, M.B., C.D.
Mineville, Nova Scotia

On February 23, 2017, Petty Officer 2nd Class David LeBlanc protected a fellow service member from an unravelling messenger line. During a replenishment at sea aboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Fredericton, the fueling hose and span wire abruptly disconnected from the supplying ship, posing significant danger to personnel as it instantaneously retracted into the sea. Disregarding his own safety, PO2 LeBlanc freed another sailor from entanglement in the rapidly receding line, preventing certain injury and potential death.


Christopher Robert Burn
Ottawa, Ontario

Chris Burn is an internationally recognized expert in the domain of permafrost and ground ice in Yukon and the western Arctic.  A professor of geography and environmental studies at Carleton University, he is equally adept at fostering meaningful and productive partnerships with relevant stakeholders in Canada’s North, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the effects of climate change on permafrost terrain and tundra ecosystems.

Norman E. Hallendy
Carp, Ontario

Norman Hallendy is an Arctic ethnographic expert and the foremost non-Inuk authority on Inuksuit and Inuit sacred sites. Noted for his insatiable curiosity, he has nurtured a close relationship with the people of Baffin Island, allowing him to rigorously document an extensive body of traditional knowledge. In so doing, he has greatly contributed to the preservation of northern Indigenous culture for future generations.


Heather Audrey Campbell
Mississauga, Ontario

For more than 10 years, Heather Campbell has provided the leadership and vision necessary to raise $2.5 million for palliative care services across Ontario through the Healing Cycle Foundation, an organization that she co-founded in 2005.

Pierre Cécil
Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Pierre Cécil is well known in Trois-Rivières for his military expertise and historical knowledge of the Mauricie region. A retired high school history teacher and former reservist, he has volunteered with the 12th Armoured Regiment of Canada Association, its museum and its cadet unit for many years.

Sara Charron
North Gower, Ontario

Sara Charron has been a volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada over the past 24 years. She has helped shape a generation of girls into strong, self-assured women who give back to their own communities. She also fosters community spirit by raising funds and organizing events as the president of the North Gower Recreation Association.

John R. “Bob” Goudie, C.D.
Stittsville, Ontario

Bob Goudie is dedicated to the advancement of Canadian youth. He has contributed thousands of hours of service to the Air Cadet League of Canada, with which he has been involved since 1949, as a director and as national president.

Yvonne Kilpatrick
Carleton Place, Ontario

Yvonne Kilpatrick has been supporting numerous organizations and countless individuals throughout the Ottawa Valley for more than 30 years. As a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, the Lanark Volunteer Hospice and the local Anglican church, she shares her compassionate and giving nature with those in greatest need.

Nathan Leipciger, M.S.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Nathan Leipciger has devoted more than 30 years to Holocaust remembrance, survivors and education groups. He has organized and participated in numerous overseas trips, speaking engagements and marches in the hopes of educating younger generations about the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Angelika Stoesz
Altona, Manitoba

Angelika Stoesz has dedicated more than two decades to helping hundreds of her fellow citizens. She is a founding member of the Rhineland and Area Foodbank, and also organizes and chairs an annual community meal during the holidays.

Jeanne Marie “Joanna” Tsoublekas
Montréal, Quebec

Joanna Tsoublekas is committed to the social development of her community, particularly among Greek Canadian seniors. By supporting the day-to-day activities of the Association du troisième âge Filia, where she has been volunteering for over 30 years, Mrs. Tsoublekas is helping the association meet its objectives of mutual assistance, exchange and socialization.


About the Order of Merit of the Police Forces

Established in October 2000, the Order of Merit of the Police Forces honours the leadership and exceptional service or distinctive merit displayed by the men and women of the Canadian police services, and recognizes their commitment to this country. The primary focus is on exceptional merit, contributions to policing and community development. There are three categories of membership: Commander, Officer and Member.

About the Meritorious Service Decorations

The Meritorious Service Decorations celebrate Canadians who have performed an exceptional deed or activity that brings honour to Canada. The decorations are separated into military and civil divisions, with two levels each: a cross and a medal.

            The Military Division recognizes a military deed or activity that has been performed in a highly professional manner or of a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Armed Forces and to Canada.

             The Civil Division recognizes remarkable contributions in many different fields of endeavour, from advocacy initiatives and health care services, to research and humanitarian efforts. The contributions can be innovative, set an example for others to follow, or improve               the quality of life of a community. For more information or to nominate a deserving Canadian, visit

About the Decorations for Bravery

Created in 1972, Decorations for Bravery recognize people who risk their lives and choose to defy their own instinct of survival to try to save a loved one or a perfect stranger whose life is in immediate danger. The three levels of the Decorations for Bravery reflect the degree to which the recipients put themselves at risk: the Cross of Valour recognizes acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril; the Star of Courage recognizes acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril; and the Medal of Bravery recognizes acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances. For more information or to nominate a deserving Canadian, visit

About the Polar Medal

The Polar Medal celebrates Canada’s northern heritage and recognizes persons who render extraordinary services in the polar regions and in Canada’s North. As an official honour created by the Crown, the Polar Medal incorporated and replaced the Governor General’s Northern Medal, created in 2005 by then-Governor General the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. For more information or to nominate a deserving Canadian, visit

About the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers recognizes the remarkable volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields. As an official Canadian honour, the Medal pays tribute to the dedication and exemplary commitment of volunteers. For more information or to nominate a deserving volunteer, visit