Statement by the Governor General of Canada

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May 9, 2017

Statement by the Governor General of Canada Following his Visit to
Flooded Areas in Gatineau, Quebec

GATINEAU—Sharon and I have just witnessed the scale of the flooding on Boulevard Hurtubise and in the surrounding area. We have seen the terrible impact that the flood has had. 

The damage to the homes and road infrastructure is indescribable. 

The images on television and social media come nowhere near to conveying the incredible power of the water and its devastating effect. Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims.

We were struck not only by the extent to which the floodwaters had risen over such a wide area, but above all, by the extraordinary solidarity of Gatineau residents. 

The work and effort put in by Mayor Pednaud-Jobin’s team, residents, emergency services, Red Cross volunteers and members of the Canadian Armed Forces are wholly commendable. I cannot begin to imagine their fatigue, but they remain as determined as ever. 

As governor general and commander-in-chief of Canada, I am here to encourage and thank all the volunteers, first responders, official authorities, and our Canadian Armed Forces, who work hand-in-hand in this relief effort. 

To all those affected by the floods, I want you to know that we are with you, and that you are not alone. In fact, the whole country is rooting for you during this difficult time.

I know that many of the victims cannot yet return to their homes and that water levels cannot recede quickly enough. That said, your resilience and the support of all Canadians will help you through this ordeal.

Sharon and I would like to thank all those working tirelessly, over many long hours, to control and stem the floodwaters to minimize the impact on Gatineau residents. 

The same is true for every other municipality affected throughout the region and elsewhere in Quebec, from the Pontiac to Montréal and beyond. Our thoughts are also with those in similar situations in other provinces.

Our thoughts are also with those in similar situations on the other side of the river in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley, and in other provinces. 

Bon courage, one and all.

David Johnston



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