Kyle Busquine, M.B.

Kyle BusquineKyle Busquine, M.B.
Scarborough, Ontario
Julio Cabrera, M.B.
Toronto, Ontario
Jehangir Faisal, M.B.
Birmingham, United Kingdom

On June 28, 2018, Kyle Busquine, Julio Cabrera and Jehangir Faisal rescued a man with visual impairments who had fallen on the subway tracks in Toronto, Ontario. The man was on the westbound side of the Broadview station when he accidentally stepped off the platform, fell onto the tracks and severely injured his leg. Messrs. Busquine, Cabrera and Faisal were all located at different points on the platform when they heard the man’s cry for help. They simultaneously rushed to the scene and jumped onto the tracks. Not knowing when the next train was due, and mindful of the electrified tracks, they quickly and carefully worked together to lift the injured man back onto the platform. The three rescuers stayed with him until transit security arrived.