Documents to send with your request

Individuals need to send:

  1. The Application Form;
  2. A proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency:
    • A copy of your government-issued birth certificate (long-form), indicating the names of your parents, with a certified translation if the original is in a language other than English or French. (If you use a name that is different from the name shown on your birth certificate, please provide documentation supporting the change.)
    • If you were not born in Canada, also attach a copy of at least one of the following:
      • Canadian citizenship card (both sides)
      • Canadian passport identification page
      • Canadian permanent resident certificate
    • A current biographical sketch or resumé containing information on your work and educational background, as well as your voluntary and community service.

Organizations need to send:

  1. A copy of a resolution of by the organization’s governing body approving the request for a grant of heraldic emblems;
  2. A copy of the document by which the organization was incorporated (or otherwise legally established) in Canada, including the date and, if applicable, the organization’s name in English and French;
  3. Background information on the organization’s history and an outline of its current activities;
  4. A recent annual report or financial records.