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  1. The Governor General of Canada
  2. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette
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Closing of the Canada Summer Games

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sunday, August 13, 2017


How wonderful to be here in Winnipeg with all of you for the closing of the 2017 Canada Summer Games!

I would also like to acknowledge the co-hosts of these games: the peoples of Treaty No. 1, Treaty No. 3 and the Manitoba Metis Federation, as well as all of the Elders and grandmothers who have offered cultural guidance for this city’s hosting of the Games.

This event has been an outstanding success—for the 4 000 or so athletes and coaches who participated;

for the 6 000 volunteers;

for the tens of thousands of visitors;

for Winnipeg;

and for Canada!

The Games have been years in the planning and two weeks in the execution, and I have one word for all of you: bravo!

No matter what the nature of your participation, you should all be proud of what you have achieved here. These games bring Canadians together in a way that few events do. They celebrate youth, sport, culture and community, and doing so in 2017—the 150th anniversary of Confederation—is truly a special gift to Canada.

To all the young athletes who have competed here: you have inspired us all. Your coaches, your loved ones and your home communities are all very proud of you. You worked hard to be here, and your presence at these games speaks to your love of sport, your talent and your remarkable determination. Your future looks bright!

Who knows where you may go from here?

To the coaches, trainers and mentors who have helped along the way: congratulations on a job well done. You have inspired and led a truly special crop of athletes through intense competition. I know they couldn’t have done it without you!

To the organizers and volunteers: I thank you for your tireless efforts to ensure the success of these games, and for being generous with your time, energy and resources. You made the past two weeks of competition possible, and in doing so, left a legacy for Winnipeggers and for all Manitobans to be proud of in Canada’s 150th anniversary year.

And last but not least, I offer a special thanks to all of the officials who presided over the events and ensured the fairness and integrity of the competition. Your job isn’t easy but is of course fundamental to the Games! 

The past two weeks have been a wonderful celebration of excellence, competition, healthy activity and fair play. They have celebrated much of the best of Canada, and I thank you for making it possible, for taking part and for giving us such wonderful memories of the summer of 2017!