The Viceregal Lion
  1. The Governor General of Canada
  2. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette

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Educational package on heraldry

An Educational package and activities for teachers and students aged 9 to 13

This educational package originated with the wish of the Department of History of the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Heraldic Authority to establish links with schools, to familiarize young people with heraldry as well as with the Middle Ages, and to allow teachers to benefit from the specialized historical knowledge of the Department and the Authority. To realize these goals, the package is designed to:

  1. Be linked with a program of study for students ages 9 to 13, and which can draw on knowledge from many disciplines, including history, art, geography, and English.
  2. Encourage students, through the activities to develop a number of complementary skills, including research, artistic design, public speaking, group work, creativity, the ability to listen and observe, etc.
  3. Show teachers and students the importance of a knowledge of history related to daily life, aspects of society, individual people and historical events.
  4. Describe the features, the use and the role of coats of arms in the Middle Ages and in modern-day Canada; describe how and why individuals wish to remember the past and preserve their heritage; and identify what has changed and what has remained the same between the past and the present.
  5. Stimulate self-awareness and allow the student to express his or her identity (origins, history, etc.) and that of his or her classroom group

Download the document Heraldry — An educational package for ages 9 to 13 (PDF).

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Date modified: March 6, 2017