The Viceregal Lion
  1. The Governor General of Canada
  2. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette
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Edukit on Heraldry

Edukit on Heraldry in Canada
The governor general is the head of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. The Authority is responsible for creating and granting new emblems, arms and flags. Over the years, a range of typically Canadian heraldic symbols has developed, showcasing the nature, history and cultural richness of the country.

Lesson objective
The teaching tools in this educational kit will help you to introduce your students to heraldry and to talk with them about concepts relating to individual, regional or national identity. You may use just one or several of these tools.

Links with curricula across Canada
This lesson is designed to support curricula in history.

Target groups
These tools are designed for school groups in grades 4 to 7 / Grade 4 to Secondary I. They can be adapted for younger or older students, as well as for newcomers to Canada of all ages.

Documents to download

Download Adobe Reader, free PDF viewer

Lesson plan: Heraldry in Canada (PDF)
This plan suggests a methodology for the teacher to introduce some of the basic concepts of heraldry in class, using our educational package (see below).

Teacher’s Guide: Heraldry in Canada (PDF)
The guide outlines the history and practice of heraldry today, describes the characteristics of Canadian heraldry, and includes a glossary, answer key and bibliographic resources.

Student’s Guide: “Xavier the Herald of Heroes” (PDF)
This guide is presented as a story featuring Xavier the Herald. By reading his adventure, students will learn concepts that they will then apply while doing the activities.

Activity sheet 1: It’s Your Turn To Be a Herald (PDF)
Activity sheet 2: Hidden Words (PDF)
Activity sheet 3: Scrambled Words (PDF)
Activity sheet 4: The Arms of Canada (PDF)
Activity sheet 5: What Doesn’t Belong (PDF)
Activity sheet 6: Colouring Pages (PDF)

To download the entire kit at once (two guides and six activities):
Heraldry—An Educational Package for Ages 9 to 13 (PDF)

Date modified: April 21, 2016