The Viceregal Lion
  1. The Governor General of Canada
  2. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette
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The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General is working to make its website more accessible for all users. To achieve best results while navigating our site, you may need to adjust your operating system and browser settings. This section explains how to make these changes.

Accessibility Features

In order to make this website more accessible, the following features were put into place:

  • Major components, such as the common tool bar, side menu and content area are properly marked up with headings to simplify navigation with a screen reader;
  • Users can configure visual elements to meet their accessibility needs by using a client-side Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file;
  • Scalable fonts and text-based navigational elements are used to improve accessibility and simplify navigation;
  • Title value is displayed when a link gains keyboard focus;
  • Skip navigation links are available at the beginning of the page to quickly move to the main content. These links become visible when using either a keyboard or other alternate input device; and
  • A navigation path, or “breadcrumb trail,” is found just beneath the main menu bar. It shows where you are on the website and helps you move quickly around the site.

Increasing Text Size

To increase the text size of our web pages, follow the instructions below based on the type of browser you are using or refer to your browser's help section for details.

Internet Explorer

1. Select "View" in the menu bar.
2. Select "Text Size".
3. Select "Larger" or "Largest".

Mozilla Firefox

1. Select "View" in the menu bar.
2. Select "Text Size".
3. Select "Increase".
4. To increase the text size further, continue selecting "Increase".

Google Chrome

1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
2. Find the "Zoom" section in the menu.
3. Click "+" to make everything on the page larger.
4. Click "-" to make everything smaller.

Tab Navigation

When navigating a Web page, pressing the Tab key will select the next link on the page. Pressing Tab repeatedly will cycle through the links. The selected link is indicated by the dotted border. Once a link is selected, it can be triggered by pressing the Enter key. Pressing Shift + Tab together will cycle through the links backwards.


By default tab access is disabled in Safari to enable follow the instructions below.

1. Click “Preferences > Advanced > [Universal Access] >”
2. Select - Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage”

Accessing documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Some of the pages available on our website are electronic versions of printed documents. These documents may also be available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF) so that you can view and print them with virtually the same graphics, typography and layout as the original version.

In order to access PDF documents on our website, you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your system. If you do not have one installed, you can download a free software program from one of the sites listed below.

Our Office does not endorse any of the software found on these sites and is unable to provide technical assistance to users who install this software on their computers They are listed solely for the convenience of our users.

While ongoing efforts are made to ensure the accessibility of this site, some of the content might still be inaccessible to some users. If you are experiencing difficulties with accessibility, please visit contact our webmaster at

Date modified: March 1, 2013