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Order of Canada

Norah Roden Urquhart, C.M., B.A.

Scarborough, Ontario [Canada]

Member of the Order of Canada

Awarded on May 6, 1998; Invested on October 22, 1998

Members of the Order of Canada They are credited with one of the greatest natural history discoveries of our time. After forty years of determination in mobilizing thousands of professionals and amateurs in a massive volunteer tagging program, they located the over-wintering sites of the monarch butterfly in a remote area of Mexico. Thanks to their advocacy of protecting the butterflies' habitat, ecological preserves have been established throughout North America, including the first municipal butterfly garden, named in their honour, in Dundas, Ontario. Their life-long, dedicated research on insect migration has raised environmental awareness among everyone from scientists to school children. They have generously shared their knowledge on the important role insects play in a healthy ecosystem and our part in ensuring the survival of the planet by caring for a fragile species.

Deceased on March 13, 2009