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Friends of Canada Reception (Ramallah, West Bank)

Ramallah, West Bank, Friday, November 4, 2016


What a pleasure to be here in Ramallah among so many friends of Canada!

Thank you all for being here.

And thank you for what you do to advance the friendship between the Canadian and Palestinian people.

Thank you for what you do to help ordinary people who need our care and attention, who need prosperity, and who yearn for a just and lasting peace that will bring security.

I’m very pleased to lead a delegation of Canadians to the West Bank.

During this visit, we’re getting the opportunity to see some historic sights and to meet with Palestinians, Canadians and others who are living and working here.

We’ve been welcomed very warmly, and we’re witnessing some of your truly important efforts up close.

Earlier, we visited the forensic laboratory used by the Palestinian Civil Police, which Canada is pleased to support.

This project is helping to increase security and stability in the region by developing the Palestinian justice sector.

Tomorrow, we will visit the Al-Shurooq School for Blind Children, which is doing such wonderful work to help blind children achieve their full potential.

Canada is proud to support this project.

We’ll also be visiting Bethlehem University, where Canada is supporting a community garden project and where we’ll be taking part in a discussion on the environment and innovation.

What unites these three projects is their goal of improving the lives of Palestinians. Many of you are involved in these and other efforts, and I want to thank you on behalf of all Canadians.

Our success here is so important, both for people in the region and for Canadians.

As friends of Canada here in the West Bank, you’re leading by example.

You’re at the heart of our relationship, and I’m so grateful.

It is wonderful to see you here, and I wish you the very best in future.