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Reception for the Friends of Canada (New Delhi, India)

New Delhi, India, Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Thank you for welcoming Sharon and me, as well as the entire Canadian delegation, with such warmth. What a pleasure it is to meet with so many friends of Canada here in India.

Our two countries are partnering in a variety of ways. Indeed, between Canada and India there is so much potential for a greater and more prosperous relationship, which would be built on our already strong ties.

At first glance, Canada and India may look like a study in contrasts. But as you know, we have important things in common: shared traditions of parliamentary democracy; a commitment to pluralism; and strong people-to-people ties. More than 1 million Canadians can trace their roots to India.

Indo-Canadians, in fact, are making important contributions to our multicultural society, and to our country’s economic, academic and political life.

Here in India, too, Canadians are living, working and travelling in large numbers.

Glancing around this room, I am delighted to see the many friends Canada has in this country. Each of you is representative of our long-standing and fruitful relationship, which continues to grow.

And it is that very promise of what we might accomplish together that is so encouraging. That begins with our people-to-people ties, and with all of you here with us today. You, who recognize how important it is for countries like ours to work together.

We are collaborative because we know that is the best way to achieve success domestically and internationally.

This desire to work together is at the heart of our relationship. It is a characteristic that I have observed in expatriate Canadian communities around the world, and it is one that the Indian people no doubt carry with them everywhere they go. 

Our expanding relationship would not be possible without the dedication of people like you.

This gathering is cause for celebration. Together, you are making real contributions to Canada and to India. For Canadians, communities like this are a great asset. You help to extend our range and to broaden our understanding of this important region, reaching out and forging new links with others.

Together, it is up to us to create the smarter, more caring world of which we dream. Let us strive to build fair, prosperous and inclusive societies in which equality of opportunity and excellence go hand in hand. 

Together, we have much to learn from each other, and I thank you for your contributions to our enduring friendship.

This morning we unveiled a Canadian inuksuk by Bill Nasogaluak and Koomuatuk Curley. I would like to applaud them this evening. Bravo!

Thank you.