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Canada-India CEO Forum (New Delhi, India)

New Delhi, India, Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Thank you for inviting me to participate in this CEO forum and networking event.

What a privilege it is to be here in New Delhi and to hear from you on the theme of business collaboration between Canada and India.

Specifically, your recommendations related to information and communication technology, financial services and education are most welcome. I thank all of you for your participation and suggestions.

Education, innovation and entrepreneurship are in fact themes of my State visit to India, and they are also among Canada’s top priorities.

These priorities are reflected in Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan, which speaks to power of trade and investment to drive economic growth and prosperity.

One key element of the Plan is the International Education Strategy, which highlights the importance of learning and innovation and how they can be fostered by international co-operation in higher education.

India, of course, has distinguished itself in learning, particularly in higher education. Canada, meanwhile, is home to some of the world’s best universities and colleges.

As someone who spent much of his career in a university setting, I know that many wonderful links already exist between our institutions of higher education.

I also know that so much more is possible.

As business leaders in each of our respective countries, you have a critical role to play in broadening our trade and investment relationship. For shared prosperity to grow, it is important for senior business leaders from Canada and India to collaborate and to innovate.

Through your interactions, and by sharing ideas and working together, I am confident you will drive progress in key sectors. You will also foster the relationships between the small- and medium-sized enterprises which are the economic engines of both India and Canada.

In particular, your efforts to leverage your networks to help our SMEs flourish and thrive are crucial, as is your work in bringing together members of our respective business communities.

An overarching goal for me as governor general of Canada is to help bring about a smarter, more caring nation and a fairer, more just world. Key to this vision is the ability of individuals and families to earn decent, sustainable livelihoods.

The economic prosperity you help to generate does make a critical difference in peoples’ lives. I encourage each of you to continue your efforts to create wealth and to ensure that all have a share in the benefits of our growing economies.

I am fully confident that your ongoing commitment to developing the outstanding potential of our bilateral relationship will strengthen both Canada and India.

I would like to thank the co-chairs, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Bhartia, for their leadership in guiding the work of this CEO Forum.

And once again, thank you all for your valuable contributions to this discussion.